How can you determine if your bra fits properly?

• Is the gore, the center part of the bra, flat against your body?
• Do the breasts have a natural separation?
• Are they contained without any spillage?
• Does the band remain horizontal around the body without riding up?

Have you noticed a gap at the top of your cup?

Look for a bra with "light lift" or a push-up. These bras feature special padding that lift the breasts to help fill the cups. The more bust you have, the more cleavage these bras can deliver.

Are you spilling out of the cups?

Chances are, you’re wearing the wrong cup size. Try one cup size up. Then try the snug t-shirt test. If any breast tissue peeks out over the bra topline edges and appears through the shirt, you have chosen an incorrect cup size. If you have a full, round bust, choose a full-coverage bra that provides ultimate containment without creating a "double-bubble" effect.

Is your back band riding up?

If your bra is too small, or too large around the band, you could experience an uncomfortable shift. With the correct band size, your bra should always sit horizontally around your body. Use a tape measure to measure underneath your arms, across your back and top portion of your chest. If the number is even, this equals your band size. If the number is odd, add 1 inch for your true band size.

What if your breasts are 2 different sizes?

For most women, one breast is larger. In many cases one breast may even be an entire cup size larger than the other. You should choose the cup size that fits your larger breast.

What can you do to stop straps from digging in to shoulders?

The majority of a bra's support comes from the band, not the straps. If your band size is too big, your straps will end up taking the weight, which will cause them to dig in. Several of Olga’s bras have comfort straps which help add to the wearer’s comfort.

Which hook should you be using?

Bras tend to stretch out over time due to wash and wear. When you buy a new bra, it should fit properly on the loosest hook. Over time, you might need to tighten it to accommodate the bra’s wear and tear.

Why won’t your straps stay on your shoulders?

Women with sloping shoulders need to look for specific bra styles and features to keep their straps up and on their shoulders. Olga’s Comfort Back feature is designed to do just that.

So what do I wear under white shirts?

The answer is simple. Never wear a white bra. A bra that closely matches your skin tone will provide the best look under your clothes.